Adam Mounsey

Who translates your texts?

I am a professional translator, editor and proofreader and work from German and Dutch into my native language – English.

Here is a brief overview of how my journey with languages has unfolded so far:

2001: Started learning German at school in Chesterfield, United Kingdom
2009-2013: Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Modern Languages (German, French and Dutch) in Newcastle, United Kingdom
2009: Started learning Dutch at university
2011: Started part-time work as a professional translator and editor/proofreader
2011: Year abroad spent in Germany and the Netherlands as part of university studies
2013-2014: Master of Arts with Distinction in Professional Translation for European Languages (German and Dutch) in Newcastle, United Kingdom
2014: Moved to Oldenburg, Germany to commence career as a full-time professional translator
2014-Present: Development of specialisations (including automotive, legal, tourism, technical) and continuous professional development

Merely studying a language from a textbook doesn’t make a good linguist – and certainly not a translator. Throughout my language journey, however, I have spent significant amounts of time in the countries where my languages are spoken natively. In fact, I now live in North-West Germany – only 100 km from the Dutch border – so you can be sure that I have an in-depth understanding of both the language and culture of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


From my experiences in the translation industry thus far, I have highlighted three core values that I endeavour to apply to every job I do:


I respond quickly and politely, and am always pro-active



I provide high-quality translations



I never miss deadlines

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